Academic Program Services



Because no two learners are alike, Paxen offers an array of academic programs customized to students and their needs. Programs in the areas of academic enrichment, credit recovery, and accelerated GED® preparation provide learners with a variety of options for continuing or completing their educations.


Paxen’s academic enrichment programs employ leading instructional materials and methods to elicit grade-level gains in literacy and numeracy, usually in a matter of only a few weeks. Our credit-recovery programs enable learners to regain lost ground and chart a course toward graduation. 


For those learners who exited traditional schooling without a diploma, Paxen offers its award-winning GED preparation program, GED Test Preparation. Each year, thousands of learners across the nation secure their GED credential through a unique program design and a landmark curriculum—one of only three product lines certified for use by the American Council on Education, ACE®, the parent organization of the GED tests.