Paxen Job Opportunities

Paxen is passionate about providing programs and services to participants and help them build academic, life and job skills through interactive experiences that are relevant to real life. 

To become part of the Paxen team and change lives, please click on the "Search Positions" link below.


If due to a disability or impairment you find it difficult to use our online application system, please contact us via telephone at 727.461.1236  ext 3222 so that an alternate arrangement can be made for you.


Job Openings


Date Title Location Job Type Pay Type Rate
05/20/2015 Instructor Pasco, Pinellas, Hillsborough, Polk, Manatee Counties Temp-FT Summer Program Hourly $16.61/Hour
05/20/2015 Program Coordinator Tampa Bay Area, FL Full Time Salary $38,000/Year
05/19/2015 Youth Care Worker Cocoa, FL Full Time Hourly $10.75/Hour
05/15/2015 Program Manager Tampa Bay Area, FL Full Time Salary $43,000-48,000/Year
05/14/2015 Work Readiness Instructor Columbus, GA Part Time Hourly $12.50/Hour
05/05/2015 Job Placement Specialist Cobb County, GA Temp PT Hourly $18.00/Hour
04/29/2015 Site Manager Washington, DC Temp-FT Summer Program Hourly $20.00/Hour
04/29/2015 Assistant Instructor Washington, DC 4 Temp-PT Summer Program Hourly $12.40/Hour
04/29/2015 Work Readiness Instructor Washington, DC 2 Temp-PT Summer Program Hourly $15.45/Hour
04/28/2015 Youth Care Worker Manatee, FL Full Time Hourly $10.75/Hour
04/28/2015 Career Facilitator Macon-Bib, Georgia Part Time Hourly $15.00/Hour
04/24/2015 Work Readiness Instructor Washington, DC Part Time Hourly $15.45/Hour
04/23/2015 Assistant Instructor Upson County, GA Full Time Hourly $15.00/Hour
04/23/2015 Career Facilitator Upson County, GA Full Time Hourly $17.95/Hour
04/21/2015 GED Instructor Washington, DC 2 Part Time Hourly $18.00/Hour
04/20/2015 Site Manager Upson County, GA Full Time Salary $36,600/Year
04/20/2015 Career Facilitator Griffin, GA Full Time Salary $17.95/Hour
04/17/2015 Administrative Assistant Griffin, GA Full Time Hourly $12.50/Hour
04/13/2015 Youth Care Worker Pasco County, FL Full Time Hourly $10.75/Hour
04/10/2015 GED Instructor Ft. Myers, FL Part Time Hourly $15.00/Hour
04/10/2015 Program Manager Greensboro, NC Full Time Salary $21.54/Hour